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Hello world!

Posted on January 5th, 2010 by Juanita Chronowski

Please feel free to use any of my custom coded themes and plugins for WordPress. These are all displayed on this site and are working on this version of the Wordpress installation (2.9.1)
I use the plugin Template Tag Shortcodes By Justin Tadlock available here http://justintadlock.com/archives/2009/03/24/template-tag-shortcodes-wordpress-plugin Justin’s plugin rocks!

I am also as of Jan 12th working off of a locally served Wordpress install. I don’t have to worry about uploading and downloading files back and forth to test them.

That may make me a bit more productive.
The current theme displayed may be available for download. Check out the Themes link on the menu. I will only publish themes that have been tested. My plugins however may pop up every now and then as betas.
Info about each will be on it’s post along with any link to a download if available.

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